Chief cannes woman on buttocks

By Lloyd Himaambo-Police in Siavonga have opened a docket against Chief Simamba of Siavonga District on allegations that he allegedly assaulted his 34 year old female subject.

Sources at Siavonga police station confirmed in an interview that they have recorded a statement from the woman who is alleged to have been physically assaulted by the traditional leader.

The named victim, a resident of Kanyelele compound on Friday filed in an official complaint against the chief at the police station.

She told ZANIS in an interview that said she decided to report the matter to the police because the traditional leader had inflicted so much pain on her body.

She narrated that on Thursday last week, chief Simamba ordered his retainers to apprehend her when she went to buy charcoal from villagers in the chiefdom.

“I was arrested by the chief’s retainers last week on Thursday after I was found buying charcoal from some villagers in the chiefdom,” she narrated.

The victim disclosed that upon being handcuffed and dragged to the chief’s palace by the retainers, the chiefs ordered that her hands be tied around a tree.

She added that after tying her hands, the chief pulled out a shambok which he used to cane her buttocks.

“I was canned several times on the buttocks by the chief after my hands were tied around the tree, “ narrated the woman.

The victim further added that canning the woman, the chief further ordered that she was left on the scotching sun carrying her child on the back and was left to stay there from 14 to 18 hours.

She revealed that the chief could not compromise despite explaining to him that she had bought a permit from the department of forestry authorizing her to purchase charcoal.

“I tried to reason with the chief telling him that I had bought a permit from the forestry worth K 108, 000 but he could not listen and just went ahead canning me, “ she said.

The victim confirmed that she was not the first one to receive such kind of treatment from the traditional leader saying several people that are dealing in charcoal business have suffered at the hands of the chief.

And a medical report signed by a Doctor Bulungu from Siavonga District Hospital which was availed to ZANIS indicated that the 34 year old had suffered swollen buttocks and painful left arm.

Police have indicated that investigations into the matter are currently going on and that the chief is likely to appear in court soon.

But when contacted on phone over the allegation, Chief Simamba promised to get back to this reporter but failed to do so by press time.

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