Chief chases only nurse from clinic

Nsokolo rural health centre in Mbala district of Northern province has been paralysed following chief Nsokolo’s chasing of the only nurse at the institution for allegedly not working according people’s expectations.

Sources close to the chief and Lapisha ward councillor Vincent Zombe confirmed the development today.
Zombe said it has been a week now since the operations at the health centre came to a halt after senior chief Nsokolo ordered him to leave his chiefdom.
When contacted for a comment, Senior Chief Nsokolo confirmed having ordered the nurse to vacate the health institution because it is traditionally not acceptable for a man to attend to pregnant mothers.
The traditional leader also expressed displeasure on the conduct of the officer whom he accused of paying particular attention to maternal cases at the expense of other illnesses.
The senior chief has since appealed to government to consider sending a female officer to the area that pregnant mothers will be comfortable with but Mbala district medical officer, Christopher Kombe said it is difficult for his office to send another officer due to shortage of man power in the district.
Dr. Kombe also regretted the action taken by the traditional leader saying he should have been consulted before chasing the nurse who has created a vacuum at the health institution and added that the action has instilled fears on other officers who may be reluctant to go and serve in that community citing victimisation from the traditional leadership.

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