Chief Chikanta dismayed by tribalism against his people

Chief Chikanta dismayed by tribalism against his people

They should say HH and not say Tongas – Chief Chikanta

The Southern Province Royal Establishment has warned politicians from the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) against attacking Tonga Speaking people.

Royal Establishment Chairperson Senior Chief Chikanta says it is unacceptable for anyone to attack Tongas rather than the political party PF is competing with.

Senior Chief Chikanta tells Radio Chikuni that PF should distinguish between Tonga as a tribe and the opposition UPND party led by Hakainde Hichilema.

The Traditional Leader says the remarks from Bizwell Mutela, Chanda Nyela and Professor Nkandu Luo directed towards Tonga people are divisiveness.

Chief Chikanta warned those propagating tribalism to realize that no tribe is more special in this country hence the need to respect each other tribe.

He advises politicians in PF that of they feel and think that HH cannot be President let them stick to that and not generalizing this to all Tongas.

Chief Chikanta has therefore called on well-meaningful citizens to condemn those tribal remarks in the strongest term before it degenerate into chaos.

He says he does not know where this country will be if everyone decided propagating tribalism and hate speech.

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