Chief Chona dismisses statement endorsing RB

Chief Chona says the declaration by the Royal Foundation of Zambia Southern province chapter to support President Rupiah Banda during the 2011 election does not reflect the will of the Tonga speaking people.
Reacting to RFZ Southern chapter chairperson Chief Mukuni‘s statement that all the Tonga chiefs in the province will rally behind President Banda in the forthcoming election, Chief Chona said the announcement does not reflect thee will of the people.
“The statement was made and it doesn’t represent the will of the people, we just made that in our own capacity as chiefs not as chiefdoms because we firstly did not seat down with our people our subject to find out what they want, It is just a political statement,” said Chief Chona. He said what was announced by RFZ lacked merits and was against what is on the ground.
“I know that am bound to what the foundation announced by an honest advise and declaration is important to enhance democracy, we did not all agree to the idea, we had a lot of issues raised on the matter, don’t forget that we gave Hichilema a three week ultimatum, so where and how do we resolve to help out?” asked Chief Chona.

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