Chief Hamaundu says Lungu will rule beyond 2021

Yaba. But why didn’t they write him a proper statement? Or was the aim not just to use him but embarrass him as well?
He says ,
Hakainde Hichilema is an opposition party.
Chitimukulu is a civic leader.
Lungu will be his president beyond 2021.
The people who booed Lungu in Monze are not Tonga.

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    The GM 4 days ago

    This is exactly why some traditional leaders are being beaten by their subjects

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    FuManchu 4 days ago

    Does the chief know or better understand what he was reading and why? Unlike other ethnic groups among the Tonga respect for the chief is never in dispute but when a chief demeans his standing a slap can be meted to him by a subject!

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    Matt 5 days ago

    Chief Hamaundu say what??? Lungu will rule beyond 2021. You got to be joking. Zambia cannot survive another year with PF. Sounds like Chief Hamaundu could care less what happens to Zambia.
    Great leaders have integrity and truly value their people, which PF has failed miserably to value all Zambians.

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    Chilyata 5 days ago

    Not surprising; these the people supporting Lungu! Thanks to Bizwell Mutale who mobilised this poor soul to the sinking ship at the last minute!
    The poor chief has no vision and doesn’t even know what he is talking about. It so embarrassing that this rubbish is coming from a Chief in Pemba. He will eating his vomit in a year’s time.

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    adviser 5 days ago

    Whether you make fun of him or whatever, he is actually right. The truth pains, I know, but ECL will win in 2021. There is not opposition or alternative leader at the moment – sorry.

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    Muntu Bulyo 5 days ago

    I will remind Hon Chief of the Wise sayings of of his people and it goes like this. “Chimwanga kolya buumwine Uulya bukuyu tayobi.” It can be translated as follows for those from Western Province: “Big dove eat quietly, one who is feasting on good figs should not make noise.”

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    Koswe 5 days ago

    Fellow country men and women

    – “Iyi Infumu Cipuba”. Some of the reasons Zambia and Africa at large is still lost in the wilderness. Surely, how can you develop with people with such minds