Chief Hanjalika disappointed with HH, Sata

A traditional leader in the Southern province says Zambians have lost
confidence in the opposition Patriotic Front (PF) and United Party for
National Development (UPND) leadership.
In an interview today Chief Hanjalika of the Tonga speaking people of
Mazabuka district said Zambians felt disappointed and neglected in the
manner the PF and UPND were conducting their politics.
Chief Hanjalika said it was sad that the two largest opposition
political parties had decided to cast a dark cloud on the face of
Zambians at a time when people wanted change of government.
“The fact is that Mr. Michael Sata and Hakainde Hichilema have
disappointed Zambians by allowing the pact to die and it is also true
that the people of Zambia wanted change of government. This leaves the
ruling party the MMD with chance to pull through in the forth-coming
general election,” Chief Hanjalika said.
He said the failure of the pact had completely left the people of
Zambia with little choice but to return President Rupiah Banda and his
Chief Hanjalika said it had become eminent that the PF and UPND would
spend much of its time de-campaigning each other at the expense of
delivering the message of hope and economical prosperity for Zambia.
“I have heard their campaign messages and it is aimed at embarrassing
each other, their campaign messages are full of hate of a particular
region, ethnicity and tribe,” he said. “But in a democratic kind of
government you expect people to raise real issues than the way the
current political landscape is offering now, this was an opportunity
for the opposition to show Zambia’s unity of purpose,” he said.
He has appealed to electorates to demand for transparent and non use
of abusive language during campaigns.
“The onus lies in the voters to demand for real issues not insults,
not violence, not promises without hope or rather a progressive
programme from those seeking leadership positions, let the people
demand for good roads, hospitals, schools, farming inputs and jobs for
our young people in rural areas and other social amenities,” Chief
Hanjalika said.

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