Chief joins red card revolution

SENIOR chief Bright Nalubamba of the Ila people of Namwala district yesterday said he will not be left out from participating in the red card campaign.

In an interview, chief Nalubamba said as a way of information delivery to the government, he would not be left out of the red card campaign.

“When people want change and they deliver the message, surely is it criminal or disloyal to the government if you join that campaign to help the government change its ways and means?” chief Nalubamba asked. “Is it being disloyal? You are not being disloyal. The person who is disloyal here is someone who is a bootlicker, one who is an appeaser of the government even when they are wrong.”

Chief Nalubamba said men and women of value would be frank with the government when they saw that things were not going well.

“Those who are not men and women of value, they will appease you because maybe they have got something to gain out of it. What is better, to gain the peace of the country or the money that you are given? If I were them, I would fight for peace and good governance,” he said.

Chief Nalubamba said if Zambians fought former president Frederick Chiluba’s third term bid, they should do the same with the read campaign. “When we fought the third term issue, we were together with people. I mean we have said enough and we were thinking that government will listen, but it doesn’t seem to be listening,” he said.

Chief Nalubamba said those in government should do what the people who elected them to office wanted them to do. He said President Rupiah Banda’s government was in a position to make corrections on most issues people had expressed their disgust.

He said Zambia was a democracy and people should be allowed to express their views on any issue.

Chief Nalubamba said the red card campaignwas one way for people to express their views to show displeasure on how they were being governed. He advised those in government to learn to listen to people’s wishes because they were there to serve the people.

On the instructions to police by home affairs minister Lameck Mangani to arrest those who will demonstrate in favour of the red card campaign, chief Nalubamba said those in government had gone too far.

Chief Nalubamba said arrests would only produce more Nelson Mandelas and Mahatma Gandhis.


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