Chief Justice and plunder of reserve forest 27

Chief Justice and plunder of reserve forest 27

The Office of The Thief Justice? Zambian Judiciary Dilemma

By Friday Kashiwa

From the onset and without any prejudice , let me declare my highest and sincere respect to our zambian highest office in our Judiciary hierarchy; The office of the Chief Justice.
The judicial Apex..

But just that is as far as our reasonable comprehension and apprehension can reach.
As Zambians, we have not forgetten
yet or recovered so far from how the highest judicial office got entangled with some unprecedented, embarrassing, shocking and bomb shelling news of corruption and hidden skeletons inside the respected office of the then Chief Justice; His Lordship Matthews Ngulube.
To those who may have forgotten, our Honorable Chief Justice Matthews Ngulube, in 2002 honorably and shamefully re-signed as Chief Justice amidst allegations of being the beneficiary of the infamous Zamtroop cash cow. It is alleged that the Hon Chief Justice accepted to have some sum of more than $ 70,000 transfered into his family account to assist with the educational expenses of his honourable children studying abroad. FTJ must have said, Ba CJ Ikatine aka akanono( hold this small token)
That resignation was understably and readily accepted by then the Republican president Levy Patrick Mwanawasa MHSRIP.
Was that alleged cash gift made in good faith by the FTJ administration to the unsuspecting Chief Justice or was it a TRAP for future judicial considerations.
Those who must read and remember my 18th August 2019 posting called WIND OF CHANGE on this same ZambiaWatchdog platform will appreciate the old and current parrells of the happenings. History repeats itself.
Today we have another some hitherto honorable sitting Chief Justice being implicated, implicitly or exprecitily in some questionable sharing of the most culturally reserved land by the elite.
Honorable Justice Mambilima should have been the first one to refuse and condemn the questionable allocation and illegal sharing of our Forest 27.
And all these alleged scandals are coming from the Apex office of the judicially.
Office of the The Chief Justice or is it Thief Justice. I will leave it up to you.
Kashiwa Friday..

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