Chief Justice goes for Bishop Mambo

Chief Justice goes for Bishop Mambo

Disgraced Chief Justice Irene Mambilima has directed her anger at Bishop John Mambo.

Mambilima, facing corruption revelations has began a crusade to silence anyone who is questioning the shoddy case involving Stanbic and Savenda.

Mambilima has since ordered Bishop Mambo to appear in her court.

Bishop Mambo’s crime was simply to write a letter to Mambilima questioning the way the Savendah case was handled.

The aim of this is to intimidate everyone and hope that no one will raise the corruption issues.
She is wrong.

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    Spot on I second.

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    Chilyata 6 days ago

    In her midsguided thoughts, Chimbwilima thinks anyone id afraid her and her corrupt judges but alas, no one is scared of her corrupt judges and even herself! She can’t read the moods of Zambians to understand that we are all fed up the corruption and the incompetence of Zambian judges including herself!
    We have evidence that we have the most corrupt judicial system in this world. Ordinary Zambians are clean people and can’t be compared to the corrupt privileged and soiled judges examples: Sunday Nkonde; Mambilima herself; Mungeni Mulenga; Anne Sitali, etc.
    By going for Bishop John Mambo, Chimbwilima is giving us a platform to prove how rotten and corrupt she and her judges are! Let us all donate $1 each towards the Bishop’s legal fees. Please UPND, take this forward and open a Sympathy Bank Account for the Bishop so that we can donate. These thieves have taken us for granted and we should not Chimbwilima start abusing our powers on us! That ugly millipede.