Chief Justice Mambilina must resign in shame

Chief Justice Mambilina  must resign in shame

The sad story of Chief Justice Irene Mambilima

By Brenner Changala

When she came to the Judiciary from ECZ, there was so much hope that the judicial integrity was going to be on the upswing and the value of the kwacha picked up on the international market. Alas,this has not happened and judiciary Standard have lamentably plummeted, despite the judges being well remunerated,having research officials, the quality of judges and judgements is a tragedy and their seem to be no recourse to the common man to remedy the injustice which has become the order of the day and pervasive.

In light of the serious public concern about the perceived waning judicial independence or state capture of the judiciary at a critical time of constitutional adjudication,there has been no response or refutation of the public perception from the judiciary.

As Hitler’s Minister of propaganda once said; when a statement is consistently said, it becomes the truth.
The judiciary should be sensitive to the people’s concerns as the people are the institution unto themselves!
In short,the current Chief Justice, Justice Irene Mambilima has lamentably failed to manage and inspire the bench later on the nation at large.
Mambilima must take leave and go. She is a disaster to our young democracy and it’s people. Where as the law protects her security of tenure as a Judge,she has failed to protect the judiciary from scavenging executive(PF Government). She is an accomplice in PF unconstitutional conduct and state capture!

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