Chief Justice not resigning

Chief Justice not resigning

Chief Justice swearing in Sata

Perpetrators of anarchy in the country started  a rumour Monday afternoon that the Chief Justice Ernest Sakala will resign by Tuesda morning due to pressure from his family.

But the Watchdog understands that the Chief Justice is not contemplating to resign at all.

Sources within the Ministry of Justice revealed that the rumour was started by the same people who want to settle scores and take over the  entire judiciary by placing their puppets in key positions. They also want to divert attention for their own  scandals.

Justice ministry officials have told the Watchdog that the Chief Justice and the entire judiciary is firmly in charge on all judicial matters.

“It’s a pity that he cannot come out in the open to state his position on all the accusations levelled against him and his fellow Judicial Officers”.

“The CJ will do everything within his powers to uphold and defend the Judiciary and the constitution from the anarchists who are busy making wild headlines”

“The CJ is not resigning at all. He will defend the Judiciary to the latter”  sources said.

There have been manuvours by some paid elements and those who owe huge sums of money to government institutions to resign so that they install and control the judiciary.

Watchdog has even been given a line-up of the friends to be installed as High Court and Supreme court judges including the Chief Justice.

Some stakeholders are wondering why there are calls for the removal of the Chief Justice when no charges have been laid against him.

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