Chief Justice will deny Sata fair election

The Patriotic Front has accused Chief Justice Ernest Sakala of intending to deny party president Michael Sata fair election results in next year’s elections
The Chief Justice is the returning officer for the presidential elections.

In a telephone interview with QFM, PF National Youth Secretary General, Eric Chanda, says the refusal by the Chief Justice to shake hands with Mr. Sata is a clear indication that Mr. Sakala has unjust and partial intentions to deny the PF leader a fair election.

Mr. Chanda says the Chief Justice as a returning officer in the presidential election should not have personal grudges with presidential aspirants regardless of their political affiliation.

He says the office of the Chief Justice demands fairness and impartiality in the execution of duties.

And Mr. Chanda has called for the immediate resignation of Chief Justice Ernest Sakala on grounds that he refused to shake hands with PF leader Michael Sata.

He says the resignation of the Chief Justice should be on ethical and professional grounds since his action degrades people’s confidence in the office of the Chief Justice.

On Wednesday Chief Justice Ernest Sakala refused to shake hands with Patriotic Front president Michael Sata at the requiem mass of retired Supreme Court judge Peter Chitengi at Saint Ignatius Church in Lusaka.

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