Chief Kakoma wants real change as HH says happy with Nortwest support

Chief Kakoma wants real change as HH says happy with Nortwest support

Chief Kakoma of the Lunda people of Mwinilunga says Zambia has continued to lag behind in development because the same old people have being running the country since independence.

And UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has expressed happiness with his party’s popularity in the North Western Province. Hichilema says 2011 is a year for the country to unite around a purpose of national development.

“Why should we have the same people and political party ruling for more than three terms? This is total dictatorial democracy. We need to change. Two terms is enough for a political party and individuals to make meaningful contributions towards national building and economic emancipation. We have to change this year in order to allow a new breed of politicians take charge of this country’s affairs’, he said.

Hichilema entering Mwinilunga

The chief whose chiefdom lies25 kilometres from the Kabinda border post with the democratic republic of Congo,DRC said his area was lagging behind in development and cited the poor road and communication network as reasons for the need for a change of leadership and advised the UPND delegation led by President Hakainde Hichilema to prioritize the improvement of people’s welfare once in power which he added is inevitable.

“It’s a pity that sometimes our people receive farming inputs as late as December or January instead of October or before. That makes it difficult for them to be food sufficient hence the need for your party and government to ensure that inputs are delivered in time and help our people. This will in turn help them appreciate your presence as evidenced by the numbers that came to welcome you. This shows that people have trust in you and please don’t disappoint them”, the chief added.

And chief Chibwika has told Hichilema that the government does not care about his people.

“We don’t have a secondary school here 47 years after independence. Most people here are illiterate due to lack of proper education facilities and yet Muchima is nowhere to be seen in order to explain why this is so, “the chief said.

Chief chibwika further accused the government of failing to develop the area because the chief supports UPND . He wondered why people in his area should suffer for supporting a legal political party.

He added that his people were living in abject poverty despite abundant minerals and other resources in the province.

“I have Kansashi and Lumwana mines and yet we have no food and water. My people are suffering. Look at how much is generated through the Jimbe and Kamapanda border posts and yet we are not benefiting.

“Any child who has completed school in this chiefdom should have a relative either on the copperbelt or Lusaka.

“How do we live like this and yet we have a government. My son, go on campaigning and tell the traditional leadership your message of development, they will definitely listen to you and give you votes” he added.

And UPND President Hakainde Hichilema told both chiefs Kakoma and Chibwika that his party owes development to the people of the north-western province and Zambia as a whole and will strive to ensure their lives are improved once elected into office this year as the current crop of leadership has failed to manage the affairs of the country.

Hichilema said it was a pity that most people were living in abject poverty in a land of plenty and urged the traditional leadership to demand for a change of national leadership in order to change the course of development.

“Am happy with the warmth and response people of Mwinilunga have accorded me and my team. This shows that time for change is ripe and is a manifestation of the wise leadership and guidance of your royal highnesses.

The UPND delegation  is in the North western province as part of its Real Change Campaigns and has so far  paid courtesy calls on chiefs Nyakaseya,Kanongesha,Kakoma and Chibwika of Mwinilunga who all pledged their total support and pledged to back the candidature of President

Hichilema is meeting trational leaders before holding public rallies.

At least 200 MMD members led by the party’s provincial youth chairman john Mutondo have since defected to the opposition political party.

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