Chief Monze says HH still patron

Hakainde Hichilema is still the patron of Gonde Lwiindi traditional ceremony, senior chief Monze has finally spoken.

Last month the Tonga Traditional Association led by Dickson Namanza announced the removal of Hichilema being its patron.
Namanza in his statement said his association consulted the traditional leadership in the province to have Hichilema removed from the position.
Namanza also announced that the association together with all the 42 traditional leaders in the province have endorsed President Rupiah Banda as its candidate for the 2011 election.
But Senior chief Monze of the Tonga speaking people of Monze district says at no time has the traditional leadership sat to make any changes.
“I watched the news on ZNBC with sadness when Namanza announced and disowned Hichilema from Gonde Lwiindi traditional ceremony, but I have to make the record straight that at no time did we meet as chiefs in the province to discuss the issue, we were not consulted and for these reasons I want to set the record straight that Hichilema remains the patron of the Gonde Lwiindi tradition ceremony of Monze,” said Chief Monze.
Chief Monze has also warned TTA leadership not to use the ceremony for political mileage of any kind, adding that the traditional leadership will not tolerate any political discontent during the ceremony this year.


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