Chief Monze’s poor judgment

Chief Monze’s poor judgment


My understanding is that Chief Monze has travelled to Nigeria to meet Andrew [ aka seer1 ]

What a blunder. I can tell you without any fear of contradiction that there is not a single Chief in the entire country of Nigeria that would travel all the way from there to Zambia just to visit a “False Papa”

Chief Monze’s visit with Andrew is an ill-advised attempt at legitimising a crook that uses amateur tricks to deceive his followers. The fact that he was opposed to the PF doesn’t mean he is a game changer.

Andrew thinks that he ALONE swayed the 2021 Zambian election with his false claims of “Do As I Say”…when infact, we the Zambian People chartered a new course for our country and ourselves.

Andrew is NOT the anchor of our destiny. He simply lent his voice to the struggle, kwapwa [ that’s all ]

The real game changers were people like Pilato, Linda Kasonde, John Sangwa, Chellah Tukutah, Mubita Nawa, Anthony Bwalya, Alice Rowlands, Maiko Zulu along with countless nameless registered voters of our country.

HH will never acknowledge Andrew. Do you know why? Because HH recognises that Andrew’s voice isn’t louder than the voice of the Zambian people.

Ba Chief Monze mwalufyanya [ and you have embarrassed us as a people ]

I’m very disappointed that you have taken a simpleton’s approach to Andrew. He will feed you with all sorts of nonsense…but I warn you Ba Chief…Don’t go to HH bearing gifts of any kind from Andrew…we will take great exception to that and we will be very displeased with you.


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    Shapiro 2 weeks ago

    Seer1 is his son in-law. The chief is free to visit his in-laws. Please tone down your vuvuzelas.

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    Muntu Bulyo 2 weeks ago

    At the end of the day Ba Mwami Moonze is a private individual and therefore entitled to do private things. I guess he sold some animals to enable him to travel to Nigeria because the allowance he gets cannot enable him undertake that trip. I do not understand why this private matter is generating so much public interest. In Southern Province Chiefs are free people too and do not need permission to travel abroad. belittling other tribes is getting out of hand.

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      we know what happened he represented upnd because they are followers o f seer 1

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    FuManchu 2 weeks ago

    Making the social rounds is the story that the chief is on a family visit and Seer 1 is actually supposed to be an in-law. But its strange for Seer 1 is shrouded in mystery as an individual though a religious leader with keen followers. Anyway the chief is free to go wherever he wants and no need for anybody to swallow his panadols for him. Seer 1 was a big factor going towards the elections in that he aided the silent majority with information and provided a voice for the peoples cries! He too is a free individual to interact with whomever he so wishes! I believe there is nothing sinister in the chief’s visit.

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    Monze 2 weeks ago

    We need another chief Monze. As subjects from Monze we reject his mission as his personal agenda and should not use that trip to bless his subjects. He is on his own on this one.

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    It is such a shame for an entire chief to fall prey to a Nigerian conman. One only hopes the chief is not an emissary of the new government or the President himself.

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    Chipola Kuyanda 2 weeks ago

    If there any people that easily fall prey spiritual manipulation its us the Zambians regardless of their social or political standing. We had many Zambians flocking to late TB Joshua’s church for miracle healing and come back very disappointed and kept silent. I really don’t understand how the entire respected Chief got sucked into believing that a visit to Nigeria to meet Seer 1 will bring anything positive to Zambia. Nigeria is one complex country at war with itself and all sorts of unheard or imagined crimes taking place every minute has failed to sort them out. It must be acknowledged that the HH and UPND Alliance victory over ECL and his PF had an significant input by Seer 1. Nothing at all, the young man is just a conman who was missing Zambia and easy to manipulate people for his high life living. Lets not letting our leaders being exposed to being used for wrong things. Seer 1 was a bad influence and was deported by the previous PF regime for good reasons and should not be allowed to be back in the country for whatever reason. We all became campaign managers for HH and UPND Alliance to ensure that the once Mighty PF and its bad leadership was stopped from causing further destruction to our beloved country. We had to conduct campaigns the Jehovas Witnesses Style after PF did all could to prevent UPND Alliance conduct its campaigns in a civilized manner.

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    There are many Zambians who think or used to think that there’s something special about Nigerian conmen. Such Zambians have included Frederick Chiluba, now Chief Monze and so many others we don’t know but this information is available from the Immigration department and bank transfes of money from Zambia to Nigeria.

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      Chelsey 2 weeks ago

      I don’t know why some people are hooked to the so called prophets, seers or papas. If Chief Monze went to Nigeria for special blessings, I would be very disappointed. Anyway, I wouldn’t bother much about his private life as he is free to do whatever he wants like Bowman. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣