Chief Mukumbi can do better than Sata

It is sad to discover the deep sleep which the leaders of this country are in. Majority Zambians hoped that perhaps ‘King Cobra’ would bring an end to this backwardness as per his say but NO; I’m made to think that there is just something about the Presidential office in Zambia. I can’t believe the quietness from Mr. Sata over issues that affect our Country, when he used to be so loud about them, raising hope for the majority Zambians and making them believe that perhaps he would have made a better president.

I loved the passion in Mr. Sata and his apparently borrowed manifesto. The man studied it well and made sure it sinks in so much that one couldn’t be able to detach it from him. I loved the consistence in his approach and his well defined goals which he said he had for the country. He communicated them well so much that even if he could have stayed back and appoint a common street cadre to get into state house, it felt like even the cadre would perform. During Sata’s campaign, it felt so easy to be a country’s leader, so easy to bring about change, so easy to fight and conquer poverty and unemployment, so easy to bring more money into people’s pockets so much that, when Sata was led into the State house by the majority poor Zambians, everyone celebrated and expected change in an unrealistic way.

Many people will argue this out but before you do it I want you to know that I’m in-fact a great fun of ‘King Cobra’ more than the majority of you  but at the same time I remain a responsible Zambian who wouldn’t just sit back and watch the country falling off the cliff. We changed a country leader but poverty and unemployment still hangs on us, this leads one to ask, is there really any benefit for change? What is change for? I would ask Mr. Sata to perhaps back off and let the owner of the manifesto he represented take over the country.

Unemployment rate remains unbelievable and yet we continue to give out jobs to foreigners. When will Zambia wake up from her sleep? I couldn’t believe it just recently my friend telling me of a new Food & Beverage manager being flown all the way from some neighboring country when in-fact he has all the qualifications for the job, except he isn’t a foreigner. As if that is not enough, we have in this country Hospitality institutions such as famous Fairview Institute which can produce up and not limited to General Managers, but it shocks me to go into some Hotels/Catering Companies, only to find foreigners managing these establishment in fact with very poor management skills, an insult to Zambian education.  It baffled me to find a foreigner in an oil shop; enjoying an expatriate package in some mining company in Zambia when majority Zambians remain unemployed. That is another thing. How about going to some take away shop to find they have no French fries (potato chips), asking a gentleman why, I was surprised to learn that it is South African owned and the owner’s airs the chipped potatoes all the way from South Africa, simply because we don’t have potatoes in Zambia!? Apparently!

Go to Shoprite, you will find that most of the stuffs found there are aired or whatever from South Africa, including Veggies and fruits. Up to when will this go on in this country? When will we empower Zambian People when we are throwing away the little opportunities we have to do so? Soweto market today is full of Zambian women struggling to sell some potatoes when Supermarkets like Shoprite, Spar and many more are in-fact by passing our markets to South African only to sell to us some stuff which we can easily buy from our neighborhood.

I think Mr. Sata and his government should consult or perhaps hire Chief Mukumbi (Kaonde Chief) for his personal advisor. I like the game the Chief played to empower his people. I don’t have statistics over unemployment rate in his Chiefdom yet, but it should be not more than 0.1%! What did Chief Mukumbi do? He made a decree that the first priority for employment in his Chiefdom should be his people and he introduced a database which has all Kaonde’s in. Get a grade seven failure in the Chief’s Chiefdom, Sirs; he/she earns a better salary than a teacher in Sata’s Government.  If we could replace the positions occupied by some foreigners with Zambians in employment, we would cut unemployment rate to half or at least close to.


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