Chief Mukuni mentioned in another controversy

One of the aspiring candidates to the thrown of Senior Chief Mweemba has accused Chief Mukuni of the Toka-leya people and Chief Sinazongwe of interfering in the land issue of the Mweemba people.

Mr Ephraim Siatambika told ZANIS in an interview that Chief Mukuni and Chief Sinazongwe went to visit one of his rival to the throne, Lason Siasokwe, to look for land for an investor without talking to the Chief’s representative.

Mr. Siatambika said the people in his area were surprised that Chief Mukuni could bring an investor to the Mweemba Chiefdom when his throne was in Kazungula district.

The aspiring candidate bemoaned that Chief Mukuni was trying to impose a chief on the Mweemba people for his own personal gain.

He said if the two chiefs had the right intentions they should have gone through the Chief’s representative rather than visiting someone who was not recognized as chief.

Mr Siatambika said the issues of the Mweemba throne were still in court and government has not yet recognized someone to inherit the senior Chief Mweemba throne.

He alleged that there interfering in the Mweemba chiefdom was contributing to the government’s delays in recognizing the heir to the Senior Chief Mweemba throne.

Mr. Siatambika noted that there was also a long outstanding dispute between Senior  Chief Mweemba and Chief Sinazongwe over boundaries.

He said some of his subjects have created a village in Senior Chief Mweemba area and the village is called Mwanankando.

Mr Siatambika charged that his rival Mr siasokwe told village headmen to contribute a K100, 000 each so that they could raise a K10,000,000  to give it to some government official so that he becomes the chief  but the headmen have refused.

“I can not sit down to and see things going wrong in my land because land is the people’s pride. While we want investors to come to our land they should come in the normal way,” Mr Siatambika said.

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