Chief Mukuni notes hypocrisy in presidency

CHIEF Mukuni of Kazungula and Livingstone has told Zambians to prepare themselves even for death under President Edgar Lungu’s government.

Reacting to the arrest of UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and his lawyer’s claims that he had been poisoned, Mukuni said all well meaning Zambians should be prepared for the worst under President Lungu’s government.

“I have been silent for too long, but my conscience is haunting me. It is now clear that President Lungu is not ready for dialogue. So I would like to warn all Zambians to be ready to die as brave people. Be ready to die as courageous men and women, not like cowards,” Mukuni said.

“The PF’s pretence to be championing Christian values has been exposed. We are dealing with a presidency abusing the Bible by day and worshiping vengeance by night.”

He warned the PF leadership and President Lungu that they would soon plead for dialogue and forgiveness from others.

“We all know that he will not be in State House all his life, what will happen when the same policemen he is sending go and brutalise HH, brutalising Dr Fred M’membe and his workers turn against him? Will he run to us as chiefs or start looking for a free mediawhich he is now trying to shut down? Think Mr President, Zambia is bigger than you,” Mukuni said.

He also appealed to the police to act professionally instead of later complaining of political victimisation.

“We want peace, don’t set Zambia on fire. Please I beg you,” said chief Mukuni.

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