Chief Munkonge visits GBM in jail

Chief Munkonge visits GBM in jail

Chief Munkonge of Kasama northern province and Senior Chief Mukuni of the Tokaleya people of Southern Province this morning visited united party for national development vice president for administration Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) at Lusaka central police .

Chief Munkonge said he was sent to confirm that surely his son is in police custody and since he has confirmed, he is going back to take the message to paramount chief Chitimukulu and the bemba royal establishment who sent him.

Chief Munkonge further said he will leave it to the paramount chief and the BRE to look into the matter and asses the crimes committed by his son GBM.

“uyu alimu chifungo mwana wandi, nakaili nshendelefye ifyfyeka balintuma kuli Chitimukulu pamopene na Bemba Royal Establishment ati kashininkisheni ngachakuti chishinka GBM alimucifungo, eapa nashinkisha ati chishinka alimucifungo, nomba ifingi teine nkwete ni Chitimukulu no Lubemba ebalalolekeshapo”

(The one in prison is my son, again I didn’t just travel for that alone but I was sent by the Chitimukulu and the bemba royal establishment to come and confirm that it’s true GBM is in police cells… I have confirmed that surely he’s in cells and I will take the message, and it’s not me to say but this issue it’s the Chitimukulu together with the bemba royal establishment to look into this matter)

  1. GBM was arrested on Friday and efforts by his lawyers to secure bond for him proved futile as the arresting officers disappeared from the station. He is set to appear in court tomorrow monday 07/03/2016image

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