Chief Mwamba denies saying PF will cause anarchy

Senior Chief Mwamba of the Bemba says he never said there would be violence in Zambia if Michael Sata’s Patriotic Front  loses the general elections this year.

Chief Mwamba has instead said he was misquoted by the reporters who went to his palace.

Chief Mwamba has also apologized to President Rupiah Banda and the people of Zambia for the anxiety the statement may have caused.

The apology and denial were made by a Chilekwa Munkonge who claimed to be a grandson of the chief.

On Monday, Chief Mmwamba was quoted by various media houses saying he wishes the opposition Patriotic Front could win the forthcoming elections to avoid violence in the country.

Chief Mwamba said the PF will not accept the outcome of the elections if they do not emerge victorious.

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