Chief Mwanachingwala asked to hand over throne

Chief Mwanachingwala of Mazabuka has accused Mazabuka Municipal Council and a group purporting to be from the royal family of plotting to dethrone him using unorthodox means.

The Chief told ZANIS in Mazabuka today that he is particularly disappointed with Mazabuka Municipal Council for entertaining the petitioners whom he said are behind the instability in his chiefdom.

” These are the same people that have been insulting me and instigating my subjects to reject meaningful projects meant to uplift the living standards of the disadvantaged people in the chiefdom,” Chief Mwanachingwala said.

Chief Mwanachingwala said it does not make sense for the council which chaired the meeting that resulted in his election as a successor to the late chief to turn against him after he was endorsed as a chief by members of the royal family.

He however said, he is not afraid of the petition because he is the rightful heir to the throne.

But Mazabuka Town Clerk, Ekan Chingangu dismissed claims by the chief that the local authority has teamed up with a group of individuals from Mwanachingwala area to remove him.

Mr Chingangu explained that the council’s involvement in the matter follows directives from the Ministry of Local Government to investigate the matters raised by the petitioners.

He said the petitioners claimed in their petition that the current chief was a care taker and should hand over the throne to another man who the town clerk did not mention.

Mr Chingangu however said the local authority conducted its investigations and established that there was no contract between the current chief and the members of the royal family.

He said appropriate recommendations have been made to the government on the matter.

Mr Chingangu also advised the chief to remain calm because he will not be stripped off of his position.

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