Chief Puta bans PF activities

Not in Chief Puta's area

Not in Chief Puta's area

CHIEF Puta of the Bwile people in Chiengi District has banned all Patriotic Front (PF) activities in his chiefdom on grounds that the party’s leadership is opposed to former president Frederick Chiluba’s acquittal, according to the Post Newspaper.

According to well-placed sources at chief Puta’s palace, the chief also suspects that Sata has been sponsoring his political opponents in the chiefdom.

The sources said all PF officials in the district, including the chairman Bernard Chisanga, had been summoned to the palace many times and ordered to leave the chiefdom.

“It all started on the 3rd of October when chief Puta who was aboard a ZAMSAF coach and in a company of many others went to Chisanga’s home with a view of attacking him. Unfortunately for them they did not find Chisanga and his children, they only found his 11-year-old granddaughter. Upon realising that Chisanga was not at home the chief and his team started insulting Chisanga in his absence.

“Apparently, chief Puta has also not been happy with Sata’s condemnation of Chiluba’s acquittal. That’s why he only tolerates MMD activities in the chiefdom,” the source said. “In fact earlier on the chief had sent people to tell Chisanga to go to the bus so that they could attack him. Later they went round the village and started chanting various unprintables against Chisanga’s name.

“Chief Puta said he did not want any PF activities and officials in his chiefdom because he suspected that the PF leader Mr Michael Sata was sponsoring the chief’s political opponents in his area. You know very well that the chief is very sympathetic with the ruling party MMD so he doesn’t want any other party there. On the other hand, I think he knows that the PF is quite strong there, so he thinks by banning the party then the MMD will become popular.”

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