Chief refuses to meet MDP officials over HIV infections

Chief Mwanachingwala of Mazabuka says he is not ready to meet Microbicide Development Programme (MDP) officials with out an explaination on how the 46 women contracted HIV/AIDs during the failed clinical trials.

The Chief told MDP Community Liason Officer, Kennedy Mundia that he and his workmates should not expect to go scot free after administering a Gel on selected women that has resulted in some contracting HIV.

He said he can only meet the officials after the organisation has met his conditions that include compensation of the affected victims.

The irate Chief Mwanachingwala who could not give time to Mundia to explain what transpired however said it was pointless for him to engage in dialogue with the organisation now because the organisation could not reverse their current status.

Chief Mwanchingwala charged that MDP allegedly recruited un educated women who did not understand the nature of the clinical trials and its consequences.

But Mr Mundia pleaded with the chief to allow MDP officials visit him at the palace so that they could explain what transpired despite the chief maintaing his stance.

No official date was fixed during the heated debate in which the chief among other things called for the prosecution of the initiators of the programme.

Chief Mwanachingwala has since called on the government to be careful in recommending organisations carrying out research on HIV to protect vulnerable women from contracting HIV and AIDs.

The Gel was administered on women an hour before any sexual encounter. This was done so determine the efficacy of the drug called PRO 2000.

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