Chief Shakumbila sells another village


Disgraced and corrupt Senior Chief Shakumbila continues with his shenanigans, this time he has sold half of Mukulaikwa Village to former Mwembeshi MP Edward Kasoko who is in partnership with some investors without involving headwoman Mukulaikwa and her 1,135 subjects. This land that was sold in secrecy is currently being used as fields by the population of 1,135 subjects and is also grazing land for over 10,000 herds of cattle, 3,200 goats, 321 pigs, 114 sheep and 7 donkeys owned by the Mukulaikwa inhabitants. The same land sold also has got government infrastructures such as 2 government schools, one clinic, two dip tanks, nine boreholes and one agriculture training Centre sitting on it. After realizing that headwoman Mukulaikwa and her 1,135 subjects have objected to the sale and are not a push over, as per his habit Chief Shakumbila has decided to create a new village by the name of Kasuko Village within Mukulaikwa Village and appointed his girlfriend from Lusaka by the name of Queen Shamatutu as headwoman of this new village. This is how cheap traditional leadership has become in Shakumbila Chiefdom as anyone can become anything. This Mukulaikwa Village which is being divided now by Disgraced Senior Chief Shakumbila without the consent and knowledge of the senior headwoman Mukulaikwa has been in existence since 1913. This is a very old village that even appears on the map of Zambia and the first Chief Shakumbila was coronated from this village meaning that the village is even older than the Shakumbila Chiefdom itself. The act of creating this new village within an already existing village done without the consent and knowledge of the senior headwoman Mukulaikwa caused an eruption of a riot when Chief Shakumbila’s Lusaka based girlfriend Queen Shamatutu and her relatives were celebrating her inauguration as headwoman Kasuko of the new Kasuko Village. The whole Mukulaikwa village rose against this development and lead to riots as seen in the video below and the police were overpowered. Following the riots that ensued and with a view to intimidate the villagers opposing the sale and division of the village, chief Shakumbila instructed police to arrest Jailos Muyabi who is the village committee chairman and Junior Mwiya, also a member of the village committee and both key advisors to headwoman Mukulaikwa. The two were picked by police in the middle of the night on 26th October 2018 and charged with arson and assault in connection with the shop that got burnt during the riot that erupted.

According to sources close to the Shakumbila royal family, the Chief’s conduct in the whole Chiefdom only seeks to promote anarchy in contrast to what is expected of him as a traditional leader of the chiefdom. What has made it worse is that such acts of creating unnecessary villages is now common place in the whole chiefdom causing unrest and disturbance to peace in a lot of villages. The creation of new villages seems to be a fertile avenue to selling of land by the Chief through the newly appointed village headmen or women who are just brought in to facilitate the sale transactions.

The source further said that what is happening in Shakumbila Chiefdom is an indictment on Judge Hamaundu and all those that presided on the case when the man was taken to court by the real owners of Shakumbila Chiefdom. The happenings show that he is not the right person to be on that thrown and clearly indicates that either the royal spirits are haunting him for stealing the thrown in broad day light or he is just there to enrich himself as opposed to serving the interests of shakumbila subjects because there is no normal human being, later alone in leadership position who can cause such massive anarchy in the whole chiefdom. The source further alluded the happenings to the story of wise King Solomon in the holy bible who was presented a child that was being claimed by two women and when King Solomon suggested the cutting of child into two pieces so that each woman goes away with a half piece of the child the real mother opted that the other woman is given the child so that the child is not killed while the other woman who was not the real mother accepted the proposal of cutting the child in two pieces. At that point King Solomon made a wise decision by giving the child to the woman who never wanted the child to be cut into two pieces as there is no woman who underwent through the real labor pain would accept her child to be cut into two pieces. Alas in Shakumbila Chiefdom the child was cut into two pieces and the subjects are in tears wailing, weeping and mourning the loss of this child. The source challenged anyone in doubt to go round Shakumbila Chiefdom and get the facts on the ground which will even be more shocking.

Watch this video on our Facebook page and have a glimpse of the happenings in Mukulaikwa Village of Shakumbila Chiefdom.

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