Chief Shakumbila sells large land to foreigners for $300, 000

Chief Shakumbila sells large land to foreigners for $300, 000

Chief Shakumbila has sold 7,650 Hectares of Land in Shibuyunji District to some business crooks of  Asian origin  by the names of Yusuf Mohammed and Simon Mohammed at a total cost of $300,000 Dollars. 

The  chief has so far received a down payment of $150,000 Dollars for the 7,650 hectares of land and these Indians even went to sink boreholes in Shaputu Village on 4th October 2018 despite the villagers objecting to this sale. 

Chikumbe Chibamba alias Chief  Shakumbila and his Lusaka based partner and conman Mubanga Chanda forged signatures of villagers to show as if the villagers gave out land to these two crooks. The chief tricked the villagers to list down their names so that he could organise fertilizers for them. As soon as he got possession of that list of names he inserted (forged) signatures against each name, created a Memorandum of Understanding and attached the list to the MOU as people who had consented to the sale of the 7,650 Hectares of land. He then took these papers to Mumbwa District Council where he bribed the Council Secretary then Mr Dominic Mwanaumo Simasiku who approved this transaction without subjecting it to the full council. This transaction was approved in the name of Avlow Development Company Ltd in July 2010 and at that time this company was not in existence. After getting the approval, Disgraced Chief Shakumbila registered a company called Green Gold Sala Ltd in which he became a shareholder and Mubanga Chanda was the company secretary. 

Using Green Gold Sala Ltd they now went on to formally register Avlow Development Company Ltd in 2012, two (2) years after this company was already given the approval for the acquisition of 7,650 Hectares of Land. Their many aim was to get this 7,650 Hectares for speculative motive so that once the title deed is issued to them, then sale it at very expensive price to investors. This is what Chief Shakumbila is doing and he has sold several pieces of land in that manner. However, because the land in question is too big, it has been difficult for him to quickly process the title deed and he has now decided to sale it to some stubborn Indians who claim to have government connections and are even threatening to shoot and kill the owners of the Land for resisting this sale. But a show down is looming as the angry Shaputu villagers have also vowed that no single piece of land will be given away to these crooked Indians and that it can only happen over their dead bodies. These Indians are saying they can’t loose their $150,000 just like that so they are ready to kill anyone resisting this move since the Chief has got no money to refund them. In fact according to them this 7,650 Hectares is nothing as they are on a mission to buy more than 80,000 Hectares of Land in Zambia and that this transaction is just the beginning.

By law the chief has no authority/powers to allocate more than 250 hectares of land and the Lands Act of 1995 in section 4 provides that Consideration or Fees is only payable to the President meaning that it is illegal for anyone including chiefs or Headmen to charge anybody for trying to acquire customary Land. But this disgraced Chief Shakumbila in his ignorance is even telling villagers that he has more powers than the President over land and has gone on rampage selling huge tracks of land to investors and receiving huge sums of money.

Out of this $150,000 he gave Headman Mulowa and Headman Sitali K25,000 each to rubber stamp the sale of this land and claim that the land in question is in their villages and the rest of it was shared between Chief Shakumbila and Clement Chaambwa who is headman Shikatende as well as Principal Advisor to the Chief.

Phone numbers for these Zambians of Indian origin  who are threatening to shoot and kill the villagers who are the owners of this land in Shaputu Village:

1.     Yusuf Mohammad:       0974 904 561

2.     Simon Mohammad:       0961 970 017

3.     Mr Mohammad (Father) :0977 829 708

Later, Listen from the recording (coming)  how Chief Shakumbila stole the $150,000 from Yusuf Mohammad, Simon Mohammad and their father Mr Mohammad. In this recording Chief Shakumbila and his fellow crooks never wanted these Indians to meet Charles Shaputu who is headman of Shaputu Village because they wanted to sale his village secretly.  

Also attached is the MOU with list of forged signatures which Chief Shakumbila and Mubanga Chanda submitted to Ministry of Lands for the acquisition of 7,650 hectares of Land.Chief

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