Chief Sinazongwe challenges Sata to respond to Chanda Chimba’s revelations

Chief Sinazongwe says the Patriotic Front (PF) leader Michael Sata must
come out in the open and speak out on many issues alleged by freelance
journalist Chanda Chiimba III in the stand up for Zambia documentary.
Chief Sinazongwe said this after PF Southern province youth chairman
Brave Mwetwa paid a courtesy call on him.
The traditional leader expressed worry over Sata’s silence on the
matter, saying though people are geared for change of the current
regime chance for the PF to win have been narrowed by Chiimba’s stand
up for Zambian documentary running on both ZNBC and Muvi TV.
“People here are looking forward for change but those bad things being
portrayed about Sata on the television are disadvantaging him from
winning the election, let him come out in the open and dispute what
Chiimba is saying about him, people want to hear from him,” Chief
Sinazongwe said.
He said Zambia’s democracy is again on the test just like it was in
1991, adding that all the three major presidential candidates have an
equal opportunity to win.
Chief Sinazongwe urged the PF youth leadership to preach peace, unity
and development as the nation is headed for elections.
“We have heard a lot about your leader Mr. Sata, and the things we
know about him are all bad things but again there is the issue of
growing old and changing the attitude we only hope that he has changed
to be a responsible leader unlike the way he was a few years ago.
Don’t accuse me of campaigning against Sata but what I am saying is
that there are so many bad things people talk about Mr. Sata and those
are some of the things Mr. Sata should clarify to the people of Zambia
if he is serious and ready to lead,” he said.
And addressing youth at Sinazongwe grounds, Mweetwa urged young people
to mobilize and demand for a transparent and responsible leadership.
“This is another opportunity for young people to elect leaders who
will respond to the current needs of youths in Zambia. There are so
many other issues surrounding this area, lack of employment, the
un-conducive relationship with the Chinese investors and other social
issues; I am arguing you to use your vote to demand for some of these
things. Don’t be used for wars like our friends in Lusaka, this is
Southern province where we cherish peace and unity, lets denounce
violence,” said Mweetwa.

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