Chiefs Choongo, Hamusonde rubbish tribal story

Chiefs Choongo, Hamusonde rubbish tribal story

12378060_1730373363859018_6989494147021829799_oBoth Chiefs Haamusode and Choongo have trashed lies by the PF that UPND president Hakainde Hichilema rebuked them for welcoming PF’s Davies Chama and speaking in Bemba.

Meanwhile all the journalists that were paid by Chama and Sunday Chanda to publish the dangerous and tribally divisive lies will be sued in their individual capacities, along with their editors and newspapers for criminal libel.

According to Radio Phoenix’s 18 hours news today (Monday) chieftainess Choongo said she has not even read the story as the newspapers are not distributed in her chiefdom which is in Monze West. The chieftainess said the report that she was rebuked by HH was news to her and she has not spoken to HH about anything.

And Chief Hamusonde also told Radio phoenix that he has not spoken to Hichilema in a long time.
According to information obtained by the Watchdog, all the journalists from the Times of Zambia and Daily Mail are being sued for accepting bribes from the PF to write concoctions.

In the Photo (man) is Passy Haachizo one of the Times of Zambia journalists who were paid K100 each to publish the lies. This guy can hardly afford decent clothes to wear during media events now will he afford to pay lawyers or let alone damages and legal costs for HH? What we know about government newspapers is that they often disown such people after abusing them.

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