Chiefs ‘disown’ Namulambe over Mwanawasa legacy

Namulambe with boxer Esther Phiri

Namulambe with boxer Esther Phiri

Lamba chiefs on the Copperbelt province have distanced themselves from a statement attributed to Mpongwe Member of Parlaiment Gabriel Namulambe alleging that the Lambas are not happy with the way late Republican President Levy Mwanawasa’s legacy was handled.

Chairperson of the Copperbelt Chiefs Association Chief Mwinuna of the Lamba people in Mpongwe District says the Lamba traditional leaders will not accept to be drawn into the political statement made by Mpongwe Member of Parliament Gabriel Namulambe.

Chief Mwinuna says the Lamba chiefs like all chiefs in the country are custodians of the people and as such cannot be drawn into political quarrels.

He told ZANIS in an interview in Kitwe today that Lamba chiefs will not support statements which they do not understand by engaging in unnecessary quarrels with politicians.

“We are traditional rulers, all the Zambian people are our subjects so why should we be drawn into petty politics’’ said Chief Mwinuna.

He said traditional rulers in the area do not understand the context under which Mr. Namulambe uttered the statements attributed to him in the Press and that they could only issue a comprehensive statement on the matter after meeting Mr. Namulambe.

The traditional leader added that there were so many Lamba Chiefs on the Copperbelt and that he did not know the chiefs that Mr. Namulabe was talking about hence the need to consult him.

He disclosed that he would telephone Mr. Namulabe before he could issue any statement on the matter.

Mr. Namulambe is alleged to have said Lambas feel hurt, insulted an injured by constant attacks on late President Levy Mwanawasa’s legacy.

He is also alleged to have demanded that LAmbas be respected both in government and the MMD.

Some sections of society have since described the statement as being tribal.

And the Copperbelt Traditional Rulers have called on the ruling Movement for Multi Party Democracy to hold a party convention before 2011.

Chairperson Chief Mwinuna says it would be undemocratic for the ruling Party to refuse to hold a convention before the 2011 tripartite elections.

Chief Mwinuna observed that the MMD was founded on Democratic Principals which must be upheld at all times.

He added that if calls by some sectors of society that the Party should not hold a Convention are sustained the top leadership in the Party would be exposing the people to acts of dictatorship.


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