Chiefs walk out on Lands Minister, Jean Kapata

Land Policy validation meeting fails.

Minister of Lands and Natural Resources Jean Kapata has been embarrassed.

She called for a meeting to discuss the new land policy that has been drafted and was seeking the meeting to validate it.

Chiefs from across the country have walked out of a meeting on-going at Intercontinental Hotel in Lusaka that is discussing the draft.

The chiefs have said the draft land policy only seeks to steal their land dubiously, as it is not in the interest of Zambians but a minority few corrupt elements.

The chiefs walked out of the meeting leaving Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Minister Lawrence Sichalwe with a mouth wide open while, Lands Minister Jean Kapata was left shocked too.

Kapata has called the traditional leaders unreasonable and said they have no respect for walking out of the meeting.

The Chiefs said Kapata is trying to manipulate the land policy to benefit.


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    Mama Mukula, chiefs are not happy with the way you are harvesting their mukula logs without any benefit for them and their subjects. Check your ways.

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    Muta Mutai 3 weeks

    Revisit the whole issue and determine cause of concern and deal with it inclusively and conclusively. Peace, Love and Goodwill to all Zambians!

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    RB 3 weeks

    I salute you all the chiefs for walking out from that meeting. Let this women have respect for all zambian. We dont want all our land to be sold to foreigners. This is an eye opener for every concern citizen.

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    Slazenger ball 3 weeks


    Mr Jean Kapata.

    Please go ask Lip what the fuck happened when she tried fucking with Sosala, the man that eventually became Chitimukulu?

    Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups. As soon as you see a fuck up go and ask, there will be some chap there saying “I thought…”

    Not all chiefs are thick headed ninkompoops with shit for brains. Not all of them give a shit that you them homes and give them allowances. They are chiefs, you are an Enrolled Nurse.

    When you try to mind fuck Chieftainess Nkomesha, she turns and consults 50 learned people. They speak into her decisions and stance. They read every word, punctuation mark and note that is written and advise her. Your thick ass heads think that because her nephew is your MP, you can fuck with her. Ohoooo, you got your ass handed to you for assuming she’s shit that should stop stinking.

    Enrolled Nurse. Go take time to read the academic publications by the Chitimukulu. Shiiiiiiiit! The man is eons ahead of any place you think you’ll ever be, n.a. to mukula logs twenu.

    Go try fucking with Kalonga Gawa Undi. That man will rip you a new academic ass hole and give you a vagina too.

    Try the same with Nzamane IV. You’ll contend with a chemical engineer. With you a ZEN.

    Nkhosi wa ma Nkhosi, Ngweyama has a wife with higher nursing qualifications than your sorry ass. At least she’s registered.

    Speak to Mr Luo and learn to pick your fights well. Win them before you even have a battle (Sun Tzu – Art of war). Just because you did a few mukula deals with these guys does not mean that you have them in your vagina (If you have one)

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    Spy 3 weeks

    When someone disaggrees with you, it does not always mean that they’re disrespectful! Luster to them and you will discover that they’ve a point. Besides, you political leaders are our Servants….. thats what you say when campaigning.

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    kubweka 3 weeks

    well done chiefs for standing up or rather for walking out for the rights of the Zambian people. bravo.

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    mweemc 3 weeks

    Kapata chimuntu ichafita kwati matako

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    Neymor 3 weeks

    Chi kapata thinks everyone must shake when she coughs, she found her match. Moreover today’s chiefs are learned even more than her

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      Slazenger ball 3 weeks

      When over 100 chiefs stand up and walk the fuck out, you are left holding your dick and wondering what the fuck just happened.

      Mr Kapata, how does it feel to have 100 guys walk out on you.

      Please ask Dora to spin some fucking brilliant statement for this.

      Maybe she can say that the females were jealous of her nice Congo DR screwed bum. The guys are just angry because they did get a piece of her Punani.

      Oh I’m waiting for this one.

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    sob 3 weeks

    We need more of those situations to happen to these small gods. Madam you stopped the chiefs from selling mukula yet you making a fortune and now your quest to inrich youself beyond levels of law to manage by wanting to crook the chief to you mukula rich areas to then pass it on to your corrupt Chinese counter parts. To you chief a chief is a chief for subjects without them ha you ‘ll not be chiefs any more. Well done loyals. And no land ‘ll BE left FOR you reason the China man would chased all the muntus off the land then you ‘ll see how royal the police are to PF.

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    Tembwe lubi 3 weeks

    Chiefs are more important than you kapata. Chiefs are chiefs, even the British feared them. Who are you to question the chiefs?