Chifire asks PF government to resign

Chifire asks PF government to resign

Small boy breaking their backs to feed families when they are supposed to be in school

23 June 2012


Mr. Sata and the Patriotic Front Government have awfully failed to Govern and should consider stepping down to pave way for fresh elections.

Yes, holding elections is very expensive, but the supervision of the PF Government is even more expensive.

Zambians are frustrated by the failure by the PF Government to honor its Campaign Promises. Unemployment levels are still very high, no single job has been created so far other than those for close relatives, friends and tribes men of the ruling class, no medicines in hospitals, levels of corruption getting worse, human rights and freedoms facing an increase in suppression, poverty levels getting worse and the worrying collapse in the Governance system .

The PF Government is a ‘Gong’a’ Government. Zambians feel cheated and tricked and are now exhibiting a sense of regret for having voted for PF. They have now realized that voting for PF was ‘like jumping from a frying pan into the fire’.

In Comparison to the previous MMD government, the PF has exhibited a very inferior caliber of leadership, shallow policies and hollow promises that risk taking this country 20 years backwards.

The previous MMD Government left a well defined fiscal and monitory policy, with over $2.6 billion in foreign reserve, a stable exchange rate and progressive development plans. In contrast, in just about 9 months, the PF Government has depleted the foreign reserves to alarming levels, destabilized our local currency and introduced weak and unreliable monitory and fiscal policies.

Under the guardianship of the PF Government, our country risks losing trillions of Kwacha through corruption, mismanagement and investment flight. Only those in the corridors of power will benefit while the poor will get poorer.

Looking at the unimpressive record of performance, we wish to humbly ask Mr. Sata and the PF Government to be magnanimous by resigning and call for Fresh elections.




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