Chifire condemns deregistration of Sampa’ s party

The decision by the Minister of Home affairs to deregister the Democratic Front Party (DF)is Ultra Vires and should be reversed immediately, says Gregory Chifire.

Chifire says there is no legal provision under the Societies Act to deregister a political party on the grounds stated by the Minister.

He says the action taken by the Minister was arbitrary, draconian, not reasonably justifiable in a democratic society,
made in bad faith for improper motives, ultra vires the Societies Act, the Constitution and constitutes an abuse of power.

He argued that Members of the Democratic Front,like members of any other political party reserve the right to engange in intr-party democracy in so far as the constitution provides.Theres is no political party in Zambia that has never been involved in leadership wrangles,the Patriotic Front,inclusive.

‘The grounds upon which the Minister based his decision to deregister the DF are baseless and only serve to create a breading ground for civil and political dissorder and it is such kind of zeal to undertake wrong decision that is puting the future of Zambia’s democracy in harm’s way,’ he said.
Chifire is the  Former Executive Director of the Committee of Citizens.

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