Chifire maintains that PF govt is making more blunders and has no capacity to fight corruption

The Public pronouncements to fight corruption by the PF Government are not genuine but driven by fear of the Post newspaper and aimed at enticing donors, says Gregory Chifire.

Chifire, the executive director of Committee of Citzens said the rhetorics are fashioned with a purpose to mislead the general public so as to gain political mileage.

He told the Watchdog that ‘the appointment of Xavier Chungu into Government, alleged awarding of a contract to Apollo Enterprises, a company belonging to Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda without following tender procedure, to refurbish statehouse house,  the embracing of people convicted of corruption, pardoning of people still undergoing trial in courts of Law, among others, gives a clear demonstration that the Patriotic Front (PF) Government does not have capacity to wedge a serious fight against corruption, nepotism and theft of public resources.’

Chifire said the pronouncements by the PF government ‘designed to entice the Donor Community in order to attract foreign aid and to please the Post Newspaper for fear of negative media coverage.’

He said the Government should realize that Corruption is not fought by using threats and empty public promises, but by putting in place a serious legal regime and ensuring a strict adherence of the Law.

‘It is clear that if the PF Government does not change their style of governance, it risks being the most unpopular governments ever in the history of Zambia. The popularity that the Patriotic Front party enjoyed is quickly fizzling out.

He said so far, the PF Government has made more political, economic and social blunders as compared to what they have achieved.

‘The half of the 90 days PF development plan has been spent on terminating people’s jobs as opposed to creating employment, appointing relatives and friends, and persecuting Rupiah Banda and company at the expense of national development’ he explained.

He said the PF government seems to have forgotten about the campaign promises they made to the people of Zambia such as creating jobs for the youths, putting more money in people’s pockets, giving the people of Zambia a new constitution in 90 days, honoring the Barotse agreement in 90 days and fighting corruption.

He challenged the PF Government to be sincere to the people of Zambia and exhibit transparency in the manner they govern.

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