Chifire says ready for DEC as Mulenga threatens legal action

Chifire says ready for DEC as Mulenga threatens legal action

Mulenga, the suddenly rich son of President Michael Sata has given Gregory Chifire 48 hours to apologise or take him to court.

But Chifire has told the Watchdog that he is not intimidated and is just waiting for the police to call him so that he can go and tell them what he knows.

This is in the matter where Committee of Citizens Executive Director Gregory Chifire revealed that Mulenga Sata has in first 60 days of his father’s presidency become stinking rich and bought two vehicles worthy K1.8 billion.

Before his father became president three months ago, mulenga was selling dogs and supplying wine to night clubs.

When the matter was published on the Watchdog website, his father, president Sata on Friday requested the police to pursue the matter.

The same Friday evening, Mulenga’s lawyers Mwemba Chashi and partners delivered a letter at Chifire’s house.

Gregory Chifire

The letter is signed by William Mwemba and gives Chifire 48 hours to withdraw the statement or else face court proceedings.

But Chifire told the Watchdog Saturday morning that ‘I am equal to the task. I am not intimidated.’

He said he will however seek advice from his lawyers but that since there is a presidential directive to the police, he will wait for the police to summon him.

He said that he stands by his statement and that he actually has more issues that may be opened up when he gives statement to the police.

He said that as far as he is concerned, he is a whistle blower and by whistle blowing, he is not committing any crime but helping government fight corruption.

On what he will tell the police, Chifire said as a private citizen, he can only give the police what he has but that it is up to the police to investigate and be impartial.

He maintained that Mulenga is driving two new expensive vehicles and that he must explain where they came from.

He said that the PF government must live up to its pronouncements of fighting corruption instead of condoning it in their back yard.

He said he will not like to see a situation whereby the slogan more money in your pockets turns to be more money for the ruling class.

He said this is nothing personal as Mulenga is trying to portray it but a matter of national interest.

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