Chifire wants video of FODEP’s Ngoma stealing ballot made public

Chifire wants video of FODEP’s Ngoma stealing ballot made public

Alex Ngoma

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) should not interfere with the course of justice in the case involving the attempted theft of a ballot paper by Dr. Ng’oma because that would set a very dangerous precedence, said Gregory Chifire.

FODEP president Alex Ngoma who is also a lecturer at the university of Zambia was captured on CCTV hiding a presidential ballot in his diary. His defense is that he did not want to steal but wanted to look at it carefully.

“We are disappointed with the remarks attributed to ECZ Spokesperson, Mr. Chris Akufuna that the Commission had rescinded the decision to send back Dr. Ng’oma to Zambia, thereby abrogating the terms of reference which the Commission itself set up in lieu of this exercise. Such action raises a lot of concerns in the eyes of the anxious public who expect utmost justice, equity and fairness in as far as the discharge of duties and functions is concerned.

“We wish to remind the ECZ that this case has attracted world wide attention and Zambians wish to know all the details of what transpired in Durban. The ECZ uses public money and Dr. Ng’oma and all those that travelled to monitor the printing of ballot papers used tax payers’ money, and the same tax payers demand to know what happened,” explained Chifire in a statement.

He said the ECZ knows very well that issues of crime prosecution are a preserve of the investigative wings such as the Zambia Police Service, the Drug Enforcement Commission and the Anti Corruption Commission, and that no institution or individual is allowed to obstruct the course of Justice. The ECZ is answerable to the general public, and as such should operate for and on behalf of the public and in the interest of the public.

“We therefore demand that the ECZ formerly, within 48 hours, either report the matter to relevant investigative wings or avail the general public a CCTV footage of what transpired on this case. In the event that the ECZ fails to act, as stakeholders, we are ready to report the matter to relevant authorities for possible prosecution.

“We are aware that for some time now, Dr. Ng’oma and his fellow Patriotic Front sympathizers and members have been accusing the ECZ and the Universal Printing Group (UPG) of being corrupt and have been trying by all means to come up with tangible evidence against the ECZ, hence this action by Dr. Ng’oma. This scheme was planned and hatched in order to cast an aspersion on the electoral regime. Had this scheme succeeded, the future of Zambia could have taken a very difficult course,’ Chifire insisted.

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