Chifumu Banda wants MPs to support RB

Chasefu Member of Parliament Chifumu Banda has called on parliamentarians from both the opposition and the ruling party to work together in fostering national development.

Mr Banda, who is also opposition Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD ) vice president , said since there was only one government in power,there was need for concerted efforts from every political leader in the country to join hands with the current government in implementing its policies.

He said President Banda has demonstrated good leadership in the manner in which developmental programs are being managed in the country.

Mr. Banda is also the chairperson of the National Constitution Conference (NCC).

He  said this in parliament this evening during debates on the committee of supplies hearing from provinces.

He said despite the President coming from Eastern Province he has not only concentrated on the province in terms of national development but there has been equitable distribution of development across the nation.

Meanwhile Mr Banda said the importation of graders by government to work on feeder roads in the country has raised hope among people from Eastern province.

He said provinces that mainly depend on agriculture such as the Eastern province needs good feeder roads for easy transportation of their produce to the intended markets.

Mr Banda has since appealed to government through Eastern province Minister to ensure that graders are made available to all districts in the province to start working on dilapidated roads.


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