Chifumu happy that PF failed to reverse his election as MP

Chasefu  Member of Parliament Chifumu Banda says he is happy with the court ruling that he was duly elected as area Member of Parliament during the September 20 polls last year.

Mr. Banda says he is happy that has been cleared by the court of law and further described the petition as an act of desperation by losing Patriotic Front candidate Boniface Botha.

He told ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka today that the people of Chasefu elected him based on what he has done for the people in terms of developing the constituency.

He said he will continue working for the people of Chasefu to bring the much needed development in the constituency.

Lusaka High Court Judge Nigel Mutuna yesterday ruled that Chasefu area Member of Parliament Chifumu Banda was duly elected.

Judge Mutuna dismissed the petition with costs and further ruled that all the allegations leveled against Mr. Banda have not been proved by the evidence before the court.

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