Chifunabuli MP is also useless

Chifunabuli MP is also useless

Dear HON.Ponde Mecha
Chifunabuli MP..

My heart bleeds with sorrow as I pen this letter on behalf of the electorate in chifunabuli Constituency, we could have loved to address our grieverances to you in person but you are nowhere to be seen and time is ticking so quickly before the next General Elections..

Sir, we the youth of Chifunabuli constituency went flat out to campaign for you and the PF because of the confidence we had in you and your outright promises..You promised us among others
1.The upgrading of the Musaila-Kasaba road to bituminous standard
2.Job creation for the youths arising from the huge manganese deposits in our constituency
3.Youth Empowerment through the provision of business loans; among others.

Sir, it is suddening to note that none of the many promises you and your party made have come to pass and you are nowhere to be seen!

Enough is Enough, we don’t want to see you step your feet into our constituency again(take this as an official warning).

We need a more action oriented leader with a clear vision, we need a leader who will be willing to sit down and hear our cries, unlike how you and your PF Government has treated us even after giving you so many votes in the previous elections..

Your time is up ba Mecha, Chifunabuli deserves better and we the youths are more than determined to oust selfish leaders out of power!

Phillip Mwansa..
concerned Youth.

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