Chikwanda acting president as Sata leaves EU banned presidential jet behind

The tag that Guy Scott is a ceremonial vice president has been reinforced again as President Michael Sata left his brother  Alexander Chikwanda to act as president.

And Sata was forced to use a British Airways commercial flight to travel to London because his presidential jet, like all planes from Zambia is banned from entering Europe.

Planes from Zambia and other Southern African countries except South Africa and Namibia are not allowed into the EU because they are considered dangerous machines not fit for flying.

Sata who is today expected to fly to Geneva from London left presidential powers in the hands of Finance minister Alexander Chikwanda even though Vice-president Guy Scott is around.

Even Last week when Sata went to Angola for a day, Chikwanda acted as president despite rumours that it was Scott acting.

The humiliating aspect of the vice-president being side-lined when the president is out is that, all ministers including the vice-president are supposed to meet the acting president every beginning of the week for instructions.

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