Chikwanda, Chama recorded agreeing to divert public funds to PF

Like we have been telling you, the PF of outgoing President Edgar Lungu has been stealing huge sums of money for themselves and party operations from government Treasury.

In the coming few days we shall be releasing phone recordings of how been syphoning government money for themselves and party operations.

We shall also release documents and other recordings of their evil schemes against the opposition and how they have been planning to rig elections.

As you can hear in this first of the many phone exchanges between Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda and PF Secretary General Davies Chama, the Treasury has been releasing taxpayers money for the PF operations. Chikwanda is heard authorising government money to be used for PF operations.

After agreeing to steal from public coffers, they even praise themselves of being ‘professional’.

To listen to the recording, go to our Facebook page

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