Chikwanda finally admits PF govt is bankrupt, civil servants may not get their Sept increments

Straight from insulting everyone that talked about budget deficit of more than 6 trillion kwacha, Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda today confirmed everybody’s fear that civil servants will not get their salary increments effective 1st September but will probably get their money in October if everything will be well as his government is basically bankrupt running on a massive budget deficit.

The Zambiawatchdog, this site that ailing dictator Michael Sata has been dribbled into blocking it in Zambia by failing Chinese technology at huge expense, has been consistently reporting that civil servants will not get their salaries and many grand projects and economy will soon collapse due to massive budget deficit as a result of lack of planning.

So far, key Zambian cooperating partners have halted their budget support to the PF government that is also very poor at good governance and human rights record.

In typical PF government language style, Sata’s uncle Mr. Chikwanda while admitting the massive deficit without giving figures said it was normal to experience such things.

“Yes there is a budget deficit but deficits are normal. It happens everywhere and there is nothing strange about it but what it is important is the measures that the treasury will devise to cut the deficit,” Mr Chikwanda said.

He attributed the deficit to a multiplicity of factors such as the huge expenditure on maize purchases by the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) and the oil import bill before the subsidies on fuel were removed.

“The huge increment in public service wages which comes into effect in September has also contributed,” said Mr Chikwanda who was flanked by another relative Secretary to the Treasury Fredson Yamba and Bank of Zambia Governor Michael Gondwe at a hestily organized media breakfast at Pamodzi Hotel this morning.

But Chikwanda’s language is contrary to what was said just yesterday by acting information minister Fuckson Shamenda, standing in for hospitalized Kennedy Sakeni away in India.

With this revelation, civil servants can as well postpone their hunger to whenever the money will be available, which will not be anytime soon.

The corrupt PF recently removed mealie meal and fuel subsidies but even these efforts have not helped much in their payments for grand projects such as the self induced by-elections meant to amass numbers in parliament.

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