‘Chikwanda has always been corrupt’


Alexander Chikwanda is not a stranger to corrupt tendencies. He is involved in the latest saga of award Lewis Mosho the contract to sell ZCCM IH shares. In 2012 he prevailed over Zambia Revenue Authority to award a contract to Pius Kasolo his nephew to write a paper on the mineral value chain. Pius Kasolo was paid K300,000 (K300 million then) by ZRA for a 70 paged paper which was not used. Zambia Revenue Authority ended up hiring the late Pious Maambo, Sixtus Mulenga, Mwenechanya and Umberto Mutati to re-do the work. He had Muyunda fired at ZCCM IH so that he could employ his nephew Pius Kasolo to continue his schemes of siphoning the country’s money. Who remembers the renovation of Nkwazi by the corrupt old man Chikwanda. One day they will account for their sins be it in the grave.


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