Chikwanda is right that HH is full of hatred


I wish to concur fully with the acting president and Finance Minister, Alexander Chikwanda that Hakainde Hichilema (HH), the UPND President, is the apostle of hate.

The man is very true in most of the sense, HH has serious hatred and people of Zambia can even see it on his face.

Surely, in the first place HH hates corruption being perpetrated by some PF government officials especially Chikwanda who was awarded a contract by his nephew to refurbish the state house without following the tender procedures. This is tantamount to corruption and this is what HH really hates and he doesn’t sleep when he thinks of it.

Chikwanda is spot on; HH is an apostle of hatred. The man with all his heart hates the greediness and selfishness being manifested by these PF officials who awarded themselves more than 100% salary increase but gave only 15% to all public workers who work tirelessly to make Zambia move forward. This is selfishness of the worst kind. The President would want to equate his salary to the owners of different companies and so very soon we will hear another huge salary increase to make sure that President’s and his greedy ministers’ salaries go beyond those of directors in Barclays or Lumwana.But these greed humans forget that these directors get those salaries from the money they make, but SATA who was only voted for, gets cash from the tax payers who are terribly suffering.HH doesn’t like such activities. Thus he shows the hatred for this and openly speaks against them.

Chikwanda is really a wise man for seeing this.HH is very different from these PF officials. The PF officials are really full of love while HH has hatred. These officials love deception while HH hates deception. During campaigns they went round Zambia to deceive innocent Zambians on how they will bring prosperity to them within 90 days. They went as far as Barotseland using Inonge Wina and others to further their deception (like Satan, the devil in Garden of Eden) to people that within 90 days barotse land issue will be solved and respected.However, today even talking about the Barotseland issue is a treasonable offence (during campaign it wasn’t).This is abusing and deceiving the people and for sure HH really hates this.

Chikwanda is right; HH is full of hate and anguish. He hates tribalism, nepotism and regionism being enjoyed and openly and proudly practiced by Mr.Sata Michael, the President of Zambia. The president when making cardinal appointments claims looks at good brains of the person. Thus, he has found good brains only in the people from Northern Province and his relatives. He has appointed Easterners in either inferior positions or those strategic positions which will make these Easterners look bad to the masses. Edgar Lungu, Home affairs Minister, leads the police service which as of late has been violent and abusive to the Innocent People. Sata saw that it shouldn’t be a Bemba or Northerner to be viewed as being heartless when the police are unleashing violence on Zambians but at least an easterner or another region or tribe. Do you see why Solomon Jere was appointed to be the commanding officer of Lusaka.Dr.Phiri in Ministry of Education will be seen to a failure to controversial lands like University Of Zambia which is always rioting and Phiri has sleepless nights.HH hates this tribalism and nepotism.

Chikwanda accused HH practicing of tribalism just because he is Tonga but there has never been a word HH has produced to show that he is tribalistic.But we have heard and seen Mr. Sata practicing tribalism, regionism and nepotism. In 2006 the Post Newspaper dug deeper on Sata’s tribalism in an editorial comment entitled “Bemba tribalism being championed by Sata and his minions”.

The Post (Editorial) / Wednesday, 13 September 2006(I quote)

There must be recognition in Zambian politics that any election campaigns must be based on sound moral values which serve to bind our people and not to divide them on tribal and regional lines. The Bemba tribalism and regionalism that is being unleashed by Michael Sata and the Patriotic Front is frightening and must be combated.

We therefore urge our people to listen to all our politicians and listen carefully so that at the end of the day, they have a good idea of where each one of them stands. We urge all our people to on that day vote wisely and only for politicians who are known for their honesty, ability, dedication, and concern for the welfare of all.

Let us not forget that citizenship demands a positive contribution from everyone to build our nation’s future. And this includes fighting corruption, tribalism and regionalism because a corrupt nation will never be a fair, just and humane one.

Actually, tribalism is an extension of corruption. We therefore make a clarion call to all our Bemba -speaking people to fight this emerging dangerous Bemba tribalism being championed by Sata and his minions. (End of Quote).

Sata and his uncle Chikwanda have continued with tribalism. Check the appointments he makes.HH as president of UPND has never said or done anything to show that he is a tribalist but Sata, Zambia’s president has openly shown that tribalism lives in him forever.

Further, nepotism has been seen in the Cabinet of Sata: Nkandu Luo, Chikwanda, Miles Sampa, GBM etc are directly related to either Mr. Sata or his wife. A lot of Sata’s relatives are enjoying in Foreign Mission. That is why Chikwanda doesn’t anyone to dispute this arrangement of brains so that cash only circulates among his relatives and hence he will fight anyone calling it tribalism or nepotism but mixing of intelligent brains from everywhere in Zambia more especially Northern Province and homes where Sata’s relatives are.

HH hates intimidation of the general public. The government intimidates ordinary citizens, priests and the opposition so that one-party state comprising only PF becomes a guarantee.HH as a man full of hatred, detest this KK culture and wants democracy to flourish in Zambia.

Finally, let me put it clear to you that HH hates all the vices which have made Zambia poor, he hates corruption in oil deals, corruption in tender deals especially around the state house, tribalism and regionism being freely practiced by the current crop of government officials, and he hates the witch hunting by the government. He hates the deception of the innocent Zambians just for a vote by the PF officials. He hates the corrupt defense of the PF cadres-MUMEMBEE and NCHITAL by the government from paying back the 14 billion kwacha which they borrowed from some financial institutions.

Beloved Zambians Beware of Satanism and Satanists…Satanists are not apostles of hate for corruption but apostles of love for corruption, nepotism, tribalism, regionism, deception, exploitation, greedy, witch hunting,pretency etc

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