Chikwanda must go – OYV

Chikwanda must go – OYV



The insinuations of double-dealing by the Finance Minister, Hon Alexander Chikwanda are not only disturbing to note but also vexing if true especially that this is the same man that failed the Zambian Economy and the Zambians in the 1970s.

It is very clear and history has it that it was Mr. Alexander Chikwanda who was Minister when the Zambian Economy collapsed in the 70s due to lack of prudent management



such as over borrowing and general mismanagement of the economy. Mr. Chikwandawas among the team that successfully ensured that Zambia became highly indebted. It took Zambians who were not part to this mess and bad governance to champion the debt cancellation through the Jubilee Debt Cancellation Campaign which succeeded. It is very strange that the President Mr. Michael ChilufyaSata subjected the Country and the Zambians to Mr. Chikwanda for him to preside over our resources once again. It is unacceptable for Mr. Chikwanda to protect the mines from paying the taxes and other contributions due to the country and assisting them claim Value Added Tax refund form the government when they are reaping where they did not sow because he is protecting his business interests. Mr. Chikwanda cannot take Zambians for fools. He cannot fatten his businesses at the expense of the majority Zambians whom he is condemning to abject poverty through his uncalled for actions of greed, selfishness and appetite to sustain riches. Mr. Chikwanda’s supplier status to the mines should not impoverish the country. In any case by the fact that he is the Minister of Finance the man should have declared interest and relinquished one of the positions either by declining the Ministerial appointment or cut his business connections with the mines. The acts by Mr. Chikwanda confirms that the crop of leaders of hiscaliber have no integrity, let alone morals to feel for the country and nationals they are looting from.

OYV is of the considered position that Mr. Alexander Chikwanda, Minister of Finance should either resign or if he cannot, he should then be fired with immediate effect from his portfolio as Minister. Mr. Sata must fire Mr. Chikwanda if he means well to the people of Zambia especially the youth who voted for him en-mass but continue to be subjected to destitution and perpetual poverty by his and other similar actions by the selfish PF leaders.

We the young people shall not condone any mediocrity, corruption, and theft in whatever form it would come.

Mr. Chikwanda must be told that he has had enough of our patience; we shall not rest until and unless he steps down.


Guess Nyirenda (Mr.)

Executive Director

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