Chikwanda orders payment to road contractors funding PF campaigns, but farmers not paid

Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda has ordered for the release of funds to several road contractors being owed money with a view to finance Edgar Lungu’s campaigns, according to Ministry of Finance sources close to the Treasury.

This is despite the PF government owing farmers huge amounts of money and claiming money was used on Michael Sata’s funeral.

Sources say Lungu’s campaign might be worse than that of former president Rupiah Banda in terms of expense.

“So far the firms that have been paid, mainly Chinese, have procured more than 3000 bicycles and were cleared by Zambia Revenue Authority last week. They have also hire about 5 helicopters for ministers and other campaigners to crisscross the country within a short period of time,” Ministry of Finance sources have disclosed.

As a candidate standing on PF ticket, Lungu would ordinarily have been asking for a lift from Acting President Guy Scott, but Scott has so far not joined his campaigns owing to their differences.

Lungu has told Scott to remain at his home if he so wished, as he would fund his campaigns from other sources.

PF Secretary General Davies Chama disclosed that his party would not use government resources in the campaigns, but it has since emerged that road and other contractors in various sectors are now financing the campaigns from inflated government contracts.

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