Chikwanda provides K498.4 m in budget for his son and partners to steal

Chikwanda provides K498.4 m in budget for his son and partners to steal

ABC-CHIKWANDA-BUDGET-COPPER-BAGFinance Minister Alexander Chikwanda has allocated K498.4 million in the budget to be plundered by his son Bwembya and his relative Joseph Mwewa of Alsphalt Roads and Mulenga Sata the State House Deputy Minister. Chikwanda has allocated the money on the pretext that it is for the development of the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport.

The fact is that KK International Airport upgrade has been used as a conduit for Chikwanda and his cronies to plunder money. Zambia has already obtained a loan of US$ 360 million from the EXIM Bank of China for the said project that has been awarded to China Jianxhi a company in which Mulenga Sata works as Government Relations Manager despite him being a Deputy Minister at State House. The Zambian government was only asked to contribute US$ 25 million as counterpart funding money that was released by Chikwanda last year. The money was shared by Mwewa, Bwembya and Mulenga through China Jianxi. Local companies that were contracted by Mwewa for a joint bid including an accounting firm AMG Global even complained of not being paid and the information is in public domain.

In clause 118 of his budget address, Chikwanda says ” Mr. Speaker, K498.4 million has been allocated for the upgrading of the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport and the establishment of a national airline”. The question is why pay for the upgrading of KK international airport when we already obtained a loan and counterpart funding released?

For those who may not know, Bwembya Chikwanda’s son who used to work for Lafarge and the wife Chimango who works as Director HR at ZANACO is a shareholder in a company called MS Alumunium. The other shareholder is Joseph Mwewa. MS is supposed to supply all aluminium and glass products to the project despite Alsphalt Roads another company by Mwewa also being a joint contractor. M stands for Mwewa while S stands for Simpasa who died about four years ago. Bwembya has bought off Simpasa’s shares. It is important that parliament does not allow this allocation to go through. This is certainly a ploy by Chikwanda to pay himself retirement benefits.

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