Chikwanda says Sata’ salary three times below BoZ governor’s pay

Chikwanda says Sata’ salary three times below BoZ governor’s pay

Minister of Finance Alexander Chikwanda says that President Michael Sata’s salary increment is not outrageous and remains three times less than that of the Central Bank governor’s pay.

He did not say how much times it is above that of civil servants or ordinary people who voted for him. He also did not say why he is comparing the salary of a CEO in the Financial industry and a politician who was elected to serve the poor people.

President himself has been saying that he is not in government to make money. When it suits him, he tells or his media praise-singers tell the nation that he does not travel outside the country to reduce on costs.

And despite documentation, Chikwanda  disputed the Zambian Watchdog revelations that President Sata had been awarded another K50 million salary increment saying the only increment was 58 per cent.

“They are excited over nothing because the president’s salary is not outrageous compared to what the Bank of Zambia governor and other heads of parastatals like Zamtel and Zesco,” said Chikwanda.  ”There is a gap of about K80 million to K100 million deference from what the President gets… President Sata has nothing to do with the salary increment and when I sign a statutory instrument, I do so not because the President has ordered me to do so. It is done by the standing order by a committee of parliament and approved by the Attorney General before I sign.”

Chikwanda was generously provied with space in The Post Mewspaper to also say that PF ministers have  so much wealth that they would not rely on their salaries.

“Some of us from the private sector have significant companies, not those toys they talk about, but you don’t hear us making noise about it. We are not in government for salaries. We are here to serve the people.” Chikwanda said.

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