Chikwanda says Scott causing massive cultural shock


Chikwanda viewing Sata's body

Chikwanda viewing Sata’s body

As one of the senior members and confidants of the family of the late Michael Chilufya Sata, the Fifth President of the Republic of Zambia, I wish to acknowledge and thank the people of Zambia for the love, compassion, kindness, and sorrow shared with the first family and the entire extended family during this period of grief and mourning.From the day the President died to the current moment when his remains are lying in state, the family has been going through trying moments in contending with the loss of a person whom to us was not only the Republican President but also a loving husband, parent, grandparent, brother, uncle, nephew, and friend. We are aware and, therefore, very grateful for the incessant toiling of many stakeholders in preparing for a befitting burial for the late Republican and PF Party President.
We are, however, concerned that even before the late President is put-to-rest, the Acting Republican President has taken action to remove Mr. Edgar Lungu as Secretary General of the Patriotic Front Party. This decision may cause a massive cultural shock among mourners countrywide, fracture the smooth preparations for burial and impair the image of the ruling PF Party. The action to remove Mr. Lungu is untimely and has the potential to alarm not only Zambians; the majority of whom are grieving, but the international community as well; most of whom are keenly expecting us to maintain the peace and stability, which we have enjoyed since independence. Zambia is an admired and widely respected state, going forward, leaders at all levels of governance have an obligation to ensure that those who support the country in the wider international community do not feel that they misplaced their trust in doing so.
Suffice to say, the First Lady Dr. Christine Kaseba and the children have been under severe agony for the entire period that Mr. Sata has been unwell. The first lady is currently facing the devastating loss of her most affectionate spouse. Unfortunately, the unfolding events in the Patriotic Front Party are compounding her anguish and that of the children and the rest of the family. We do not deserve this.
The family is aware that many Heads of State, Government, and Regional and International Organizations intend to travel to Zambia to mourn and render a dignified farewell to our departed President. Given the prevailing circumstances, it may be restraining for them to travel and mourn with us. This will send a wrong signal about the quality of our unity peace and stability as a nation and deprive us of their fellowship and compassion during this trying period.For the sake of unity and to ensure continued smooth preparations for the burial of our dear leader, I take this opportunity to appeal to all those who may be affected and frustrated by the action to remove Mr. Lungu as PF Secretary General to stay calm and to continue mourning the late President peacefully. Going forward, I also appeal to the Acting President to embrace consultation and reconciliation; the hallmarks of our departed President.The PF is a beacon of democracy. In this regard, the Acting President should ensure that he closely works with the Central Committee of the PF Party in order to maintain utmost cohesion and unity. Leaders at all levels of the party’s governance structures should resist any action that is inconsistent with the spirit of togetherness, fellowship, and unity.
I take this opportunity to once again, appeal to the Acting President to reconsider the action to relieve Mr. Lungu of his portfolio in the Patriotic Front Party, and facilitate his smooth operation as the Chief Executive Officer of the Party. This is important not only as the nation prepares for the burial of the late President, but also as the PF Party readies itself for future engagements.

May peace and unity reign upon the nation.

Alexander Bwalya Chikwanda



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