Chikwanda sneaks out of the country, goes begging and borrowing in Europe

Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda and his Permanent Secretary Felix Nkulukusa this week sneak out to Europe to contract more debt for the PF troubled government that has brown-off all the money allocated in this year’s budget mid-year into budget implementation.

Sources at Cabinet Office and Ministry of Finance have disclosed that Mr. Chikwanda travelled to London and may visit other European lending institutions to borrow money that young Zambians will have to bare the cost and pay way after him and his nephew dictator Michael Sata have expired in their lives with their old age and failing health.

“It is like these people don’t care anymore about the country falling into another debt trap because they know either as a party or individual level they are going and won’t be responsible for the mess. They are determined to chew the borrowed money now and what happens in future is none of their business,” sources said.

According to sources, Chikwanda and his extravagant nephew Sata have finished all the money and are now resorting to borrowing to spend even on consumptions such as salaries because of the numerous unbudgeted projects such as by-elections that have so far gobbled more that K100 billion from the budgeted K5 billion only in this year’s budget.

They also need money to buy and keep the likes of traitors like Sinazongwe MP Richwell Siamunene and Itezhi Tezhi MP Greyford Monde who form party of the unbudgeted projects of more than 70 ministers loitering around the country and the world plus the globe-trotting first lady Christine Sata.

Sources said even with the removal of key mealie meal and fuel subsidies that have so far seen an increase in cost of living conditions, the PF government is running into serious financial difficulties especially that Sata has committed his government to numerous gigantic projects, especially in Muchinga province, without taking into account the already existing and expensive projects left by the MMD such as the Mongu-Kalabo projects, the ring-roads in Lusaka and other urban areas plus hospitals and schools.

Sources said without massive debt contraction, Zambia will literally collapse financially especially that even tax collections have significantly gone down.

Recently, the Zambian Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba turned down the request by the Technical Committee drafting the constitution to extend even by one month on account of having brown-off the money and now running broke.

Kabimba said he doesn’t mind even a defective document being submitted in the current raw state because his government is broke, but without specifying who will eventually finish it since him is a well-known extremely very dull lawyer who can’t defend Silvia Murambiwa Masebo in simple cases of stealing a chicken from amayi guru, trespassing in a maize field or her killing a fly.

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