Chikwanda to represent Sata at AU summit, govt finally removes State House sentries

Information reaching the Zambian Watchdog indicate that president Michael Sata will not be among the Heads of State AU summit but will be represented by his equally aged,  sick and tired uncle, Alexander Chikwanda in Equatorial Guinea this week.

And defence Minister Edgar Lungu has accused cabinet office of not having properly coordinated and alerted the security wings to remove State House Sentries outside main gate when president Sata sneaked out of the country using the back gates.

Highly placed sources say even ceremonial vice-president is now too tired to travel for the AU summit in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea capital and has instead decided to officiate at some mining event within the country.

“Guy Scott is now too tired of representing Sata at most local and international foras. He just came from Bolivia and so many other presidential engagements as the president has not been working for sometime now. Old age and stress is also catching-up with him and cannot copy with strenuous work conditions. Instead another very old fellow Chikwanda will travel for the AU summit to represent his ailing nephew,” highly placed sources have told the Zambian Watchdog.

And sources have disclosed that there was confusion regarding the removal of the State House sentries outside the main gate as cabinet office did not immediately inform security wings that president Sata had sneaked out of the country.

Edgar Lungu has told people that Cabinet Office was to blame for the anomaly where military security guards remained outside guarding an empty State House from Friday till yesterday when they were finally removed.

But Edgar Lungu’s surprise shows the confusion that has gripped the PF government, with questions on how the president was able to sneak outside State House without the Cabinet being aware.

President Sata is officially in Israel but other sources still indicate that he could still be in South Africa because his plane was turned due to poor health.


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