Chikwanda wants Auditor-general out for demanding K400m inflated refund

Dear Editor,

There is a move under way to get rid of the Auditor General as she is making some big shots in the PF government uncomfortable because of the information she has.

She has survived this far because her tenure is protected by the constitution. This though does not stop the people after her from trying to frustrate the operations of her office. By now, you might be aware that her office has been allocated 85 billion kwacha which is 10 billion more than was allocated in the last budget. This increase is negligible when you consider the fact that travel allowance has been increased from the previous two hundred thousand kwacha to eight hundred thousand kwacha. What this means therefore is that the increase will go toward travel expenses as there as been an increase in government offices with the creation of new districts.


An audit carried out before last years elections that ushered in the PF government revealed that APPOLO, a company owned by Alexander Chikwanda inflated a bill and was over paid by four hundred million kwacha by government. The auditor general issued instructions to have this money recovered from APPOLO which has since been repaid.

Arising from the above, there has been a ploy to remove Annie Chifungula from her office and replaced with a another lady appointed by the finance minister. The president was also for the idea until it was pointed out to him that the auditor general’s tenure is protected by the constitution can not be fired by the president.

What has now followed is a move to frustrate her stay at the auditor general’s office through under funding resulting in her been handicapped

Our call on our members of parliament is to move a motion to increase the funding for this office using money from contingency funds.


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